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Save water save lives.


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Water and Time always flow, so utilize them smartly

Be united

Even one cup of water saved and donated by over 565 millions of people residing in North America, will help us conserve 1 million gallon of water!

Digital Saving

Follow our digital water saving procedures to save water during floods and use it efficiently in drought situations.


The water that people save using our method can be used not only in emergency domestic purposes but also for the fire fighting services, water tank supply services, etc.


Our Target

Water scarcity is not only a concern for North America, but also a global crisis. There are many backward and developing countries that face water scarcity and managemant problems, but its important to understand that water scarcity is even a major issue in the United States. It seems impossible that a powerful river, like the Colorado River, is beginning to run dry in places. It seems farfetched that a huge body of water like Lake Mead in Arizona might become obsolete, but these and other dramatic changes are facing the United States. Due to such unexpected water crisis many people are suffering in the States. Our motto is to make people follow a particular algorithm such that water crisis can be controlled and in a long term it's effect can be seen in the environment.



Our project is a smart idea project which doesnot use any extra manforce, software management or financial crude. Our project can be highly efficient if properly followed. After our analysing the alternative solutions to our idea, the difficulties ,and the probability of proper training by people, we found out that our idea has a high probability (90%) of success if followed. The only limitations of our project is human error and improper collection of water as an exception from the algorithm design. The only way to tackle that problem is by making people aware of the seriousness of the water crisis and how a little contribution and effort as per our algorithm can bring about a change in the current sitution. We expect this project to be decentralised project rather than a central body controlling it


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