One For All App

The ultimate app for everything in the grasp of your palm.

Image Recognition

Take a picture of water in any vessel and our model will tell it's nearest quality check. The motto of the model was to recognise the quality of water using image processing. As of now our app's guessing result has a success rate of ~50% only.


Speech Recognizer

Our app has speech to text converter. Using this feature we can try to embed google search engine to it so that people can use our app more easily with a voice assistant in future updates.


Text to QR

Our app will convert any text into a special QR code. This facility can be used as a UNIQUE QR for verifying your water contribution to the project.


Text to Speech

Our app has the basic text to speech converter. The user types any text and the app converts it into voice. It is a fun feature of the app as well which can later.